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For search engine marketing (SEM), ADM has been ahead of the curve from the very start. Our award-winning agency was founded by former Google employees to provide a higher standard of SEM services.

Today, we help growing brands get more out of some of the most powerful tools in digital marketing so they can stand out on the search engine results page.


What Sets Our SEM Agency Apart?

ADM: Search Engine Marketing Agency

“The ADM team is fast and efficient. They have impressed us with their nuanced knowledge of our specific niche. In the first month after engagement, our SEM customer acquisition cost fell more than 15%.”

Oar Health

ADM’s story is rooted in Google Ads excellence. We go beyond your average digital marketing agency to deliver impressive results.

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There’s more than one search engine. It can be wise (and cost-effective) to diversify your paid search spend with a Microsoft Ads program. 

The biggest retailer is also one of its biggest search engines. Amazon presents a compelling paid search opportunity for eCommerce brands.

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We build YouTube campaigns designed to resonate with your audience and achieve your distinct business goals.

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Our agency employs targeted advertising campaigns to make it easier for potential users to find you on the App Store.

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SEM Strategies Built From the Ground Up

Google Ads Expertise

ADM first established itself as a top-tier Google Ads agency, and we pride ourselves in the strength of our paid search offering. The difference between a decent Google Ads campaign and a legitimate revenue driver is often in the details. That’s why we’re meticulous about account structure, optimization, and segmentation. As a Google Premier Partner, we have a proven track record and operate at an extremely high standard—and Google cited our work in a recent earnings call. 

Google Premier Partner SEM agency

Tailored Paid Search Campaigns

At ADM, we embrace each client’s unique marketing goals. Our team expertly crafts customized SEM strategies that have you covered on all fronts. From navigating the complexities of digital health advertising to conquering stiff eCommerce competition, we have the knowledge and agility to build specifically to our clients’ most unique challenges.

Custom Paid Search strategies

SEM Strategy Built on Testing and Execution

Comprehensive testing is crucial in an increasingly-competitive digital marketing landscape. ADM focuses on rigorous testing to ensure success in paid search campaigns. By meticulously analyzing keywords, ad copy, and targeting strategies, ADM optimizes every aspect of paid search to surpass our clients’ marketing goals. With a data-driven approach, ADM finetunes campaigns to peak performance, delivering exceptional Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

SEM strategy and testing

An Award-Winning Search Engine Marketing Agency

It isn’t uncommon for our clients to have their best-ever month of PPC performance in their first month with ADM. We work to get results, but the occasional hardware isn’t a bad perk. Get in touch with the ADM team to learn the difference that an expert performance marketing agency can make, and to see why one veteran marketing executive calls us her “secret weapon.”

Award-winning SEM agency
Talksace SEM case study
Johnnie-O SEM case study
Nurx SEM case study

Insights from Our Search Engine Marketing Experts

New Products on Google Ads

How to Set New Product Launches Up for Success With

New product launches are always exciting—but no matter how great the product is and how certain you are that customers will love it, you need to have the right digital marketing plan in place to make sure people can find it. …

Is It Time to Fire Your SEM Agency?

Search engine marketing is a complex art—plenty of digital marketing agencies offer it as a service, but not all of them can continually improve their offerings and grow your revenue. As an experienced paid search agency, we hear from (and audit) plenty of companies that are struggling with their current marketing…

What Google’s Newest Performance Max Updates Mean for Advertisers

Performance Max has been a major success for Google Ads since its introduction, and at ADM we pride ourselves in taking full advantage of its versatility. Google even references our work with these campaigns as evidence of their effectiveness. That’s why we are excited to see Google announce not one…
Paid Search eCommerce

Why Non-Branded Paid Search is Vital to eCommerce Success

Paid search is a vital component of eCommerce digital marketing, but “paid search” is a big tent. It’s important to look at the different aspects of paid search in-depth to learn how you can get the most out of your Google Ads program. Branded Search is when you bid on the…


ADM partners with leading digital marketing tools and services to add further value for our clients.

Google Premier Partner agency
Bing advertising agency
Freshpaint marketing partner
Trustpilot Marketing Partner
Yotpo marketing partner

Other Performance Marketing Services

Reach the right people at the right time. Our social experts deploy vivid creatives and expert audience targeting to build campaigns that connect and convert.


Our programmatic team expertly places banners, native content, streaming video, podcast advertising and more to weave your message into the content your customers already enjoy.


Performance marketing is fueled by accurate data. Learn how ADM ensures that you have the strong insights you need to make the right marketing decisions.

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