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Programmatic advertising is a big tent. It covers everything from native content and display ads to audio and video spots that run on popular streaming services. Programmatic advertising can be an extremely effective way to reach new customers while they are consuming the content they enjoy the most—and because it takes advantage of contextual targeting, it allows health brands to target accurately without the use of third-party user data.

At ADM, our emphasis on data insights and transparency inform our programmatic advertising approach. Audience and placement selection are vital to programmatic success, and we help our clients build the customer profiles that fit their brand and business goals. With expertly-created audience definitions, we help clients identify the relevant topics and audience interests to place programmatic ads on the content or channels that they over index for.

Our high-quality campaigns are deployed through an internal demand side platform (DSP) from Basis Technologies. Because we don’t outsource our DSP through a media-buyer, we receive better insights to inform our strategies for continual improvement


Draw attention with expertly-placed programmatic display ads.

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Combine the persuasive power of the TV ad format with digital-age demographic targeting.

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Reach new audiences while they stream the podcasts and songs that they love.

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Make a compelling argument with text-based native advertising.

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Connect with mobile users while they browse or game on their mobile devices.

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Reach the right people at the right time. Our social experts deploy vivid creatives and expert audience targeting to build campaigns that connect and convert.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM has been at the core of our expertise since day one. Our innovative search strategies have proven to contribute efficient customer acquisition at scale for high-growth d2c brands.


We dive below the surface to help you understand how your web presence translates into growth. Data validation procedures ensure accurate data will illuminate the path ahead.

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