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Programmatic advertising is one of the most dynamic categories in digital marketing. Whether your audience is streaming TV in their living rooms or listening to their favorite podcasts in the car, ADM uses programmatic ads to reach the right people—in ways that traditional advertising can’t.


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ADM: An Expert Programmatic Marketing Agency

“ADM is an elite digital marketing team. They are always on top of trends, frequently offer new and innovative solutions, and generally act as more than just an agency—they’re an extended part of the team.

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Growth-Minded Approaches to Programmatic Advertising

The best programmatic advertising campaigns are tailor-made to achieve your distinct business goals. Our custom-built campaigns are designed to reach your target audience throughout your sales funnel.

Goal-oriented Programmatic Campaigns

Our core goal is to help your business achieve its own through digital marketing. We focus on finding your ideal audiences, identifying the best formats to reach them in, and learning what messaging and creative resonate best with them. From there, we recommend programmatic media buying options based on their likelihood of delivering scalable revenue.

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Sequential Targeting

Different programmatic formats can complement one another, giving brands the opportunity to guide users along their sales funnel. At ADM, we emphasize the power of sequential messaging by doing things like retargeting users with display ads after exposure to high-funnel tactics like Connected TV or streaming audio ads. 

Sequential Approaches to Programmatic Advertising

Data-driven Strategies

We’re a dynamic performance marketing agency that prides itself in cross-channel collaboration. Our programmatic team works hand-in-hand with our data and analytics team to ensure truthful attribution and complete conversion tracking, so you know that your media-buying decisions are grounded in accurate data.

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Thorough Reporting and Analysis

Transparency and accuracy are central to a good performance marketing partnership. With consistent reporting calls and detailed custom dashboards, we make sure that our clients are always in the loop about their programmatic advertising performance. 

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Streaming video is the future—and you should be advertising on it. Connected TV ads take the persuasive power of the television commercial and add the precision of contextual or audience targeting. These video ads run on top streaming services and offer more length and format flexibility than traditional advertising, so you can bring your message to the right audience at the right time.

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Podcasts are a uniquely powerful entertainment medium—and podcast ads can be a huge boost to your performance marketing strategy. Listeners gain familiarity and trust with their favorite podcasters, allowing advertisers to speak directly to these highly-engaged audiences and earn favorability.

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Display advertising doesn’t have to be rigid, generic, and intrusive. Programmatic display opens advertisers up to quality digital ad space that gives them the freedom to deliver powerful, action-oriented ad content at the bottom of the funnel. We deploy programmatic display as part of a holistic approach, using them at the bottom of the funnel to retarget users who have seen your video ads

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Some advertising jumps off the page—but sometimes, it can blend right in. Native advertising, or sponsored content, mimics the look and feel of its host site. This form of programmatic advertising offers high click-through rates, nuanced messaging, and enhanced brand trust.

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