We build brands and expand sales through the most impactful advertising suite in social media.

Facebook was the first social platform to attain global ubiquity, and the first to truly leverage its data collection into a comprehensive social advertising suite. With its deep user experience and incredibly-detailed audience targeting capabilities, Facebook remains a groundbreaking advertising tool.

ADM’s custom Facebook Ads strategies are built on our  longstanding relationship with the platform. We leverage all of Facebook’s advertising power toward achieving your brand’s goals while remaining compliant with health product advertising regulations. 

Our team is Meta Blueprint-certified and always tuned into  the platform’s latest advertising updates. Facebook has changed dramatically over the years, and we always adapt our approaches to deliver the best results for our clients while the platform and its parent company, Meta, continue to expand in new directions.





    Increase in client valuations since partnering with ADM




    Raised by ADM clients during partnership


    Consecutive quarters of growth

Our Approach

  • Maximize return on ad spend through a strategic campaign structure that follows patterns of efficiency
  • Leverage audience-building techniques that prospect new users while complying with HIPAA and other relevant platform targeting policies
  • Optimize all aspects of creative in accordance with platform health advertising policies
  • Build trust, present brand core values, and drive users to take action through a layered prospecting approach that spans content, brand, and product


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