Accelerated Digital Media brings you accelerated digital results.

Through meticulous research and refinement, our curated digital marketing strategies provide a direct, clear, calculated shot that never misses your target.



As an agency founded by former Google employees, search engine marketing (SEM) is at the heart of our expertise. We’re a Google Premier Partner, which grants us early access to the latest Google Ads beta programs so that we can stay on the cutting edge. Our obsession with quality data analysis and strategic A/B testing ensure continual optimization and improvement.

Paid social media is an important avenue for brands who want to introduce their story to new customers. ADM is a Meta Business Partner, giving us access to the latest beta features for Facebook and Instagram advertising. We offer services across all major social media platforms, with an emphasis on engaging campaigns that reach consumers at every step along the sales funnel.


Programmatic advertising covers a range of vital advertising mediums, from display placements to audio and video ads on popular streaming services. Unlike many agencies, we use an internal demand side platform rather than outsourcing procurement to a third party. This gives us more granular control and better insights into our clients’ programmatic marketing efforts.


Our team’s past Google experience also informs our deep understanding of Google Analytics and web traffic. We pride ourselves on the depth and accuracy of our reporting and measurement practices, and we offer comprehensive reporting complete with illustrative data visualizations. We also work to upskill our clients’ internal analytics teams to encourage mutual understanding of account performance.


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