Connected TV

Reach cord-cutters with targeted video advertising on premium streaming services.

More than half of American adults under the age of 50 have “cut the cord.” That trend may have dealt a huge blow to traditional TV advertising, but it has opened the door for connected TV ads. These ads serve before or during premium content streamed through smart TVs or over-the-top devices, combining the creative and persuasive power of traditional TV advertising with more modern targeting capabilities. 

Rather than a simple ad buy during a popular program, connected TV ads allow brands to hone in on their most sought-after audiences using demographic data and past user behavior. ADM leverages its expertise in audience creation and targeting to bring our clients’ message to their intended audience, no matter what they watch.





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Our Approach

At ADM, we believe connected TV is a great way to extend reach while still targeting the right audience. We negotiate deals across key publishers like NBCUniversal, Hulu, Sling, Discovery+, and more. And unlike traditional TV advertising, connected TV ads allow us to track who converted after seeing an ad to determine the effectiveness of our flight.


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