Google Analytics Audits

Ensure that your business is getting the data it needs to make the right decisions.

Is your Google Analytics configured correctly? Are you collecting all the data you need, and is that data accurate? Google Analytics is essential to every business in the 21st century. But to use your data to its fullest potential, you need to make sure that what you are collecting in Google Analytics is accurate, relevant and actionable.

At ADM, we are particular about data quality. Our Google Analytics audits are a comprehensive and thorough dive into your current implementation and configuration, including numerous tests that ensure all onsite user actions are registering accurately in analytics. Because Google Analytics is vital for tracking business goals, our audits also focus heavily on campaign attribution, goal and sales funnel setup, and eCommerce tracking where applicable. 





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Our Approach

ADM focuses on industry standard implementation and configuration guidelines. We audit code implementation, attribution, on-site event tracking, and domain, subdomain, and cross-domain configuration. Our aim is to ensure that data is collected, processed, and reported with the highest degree of accuracy. Once we have thoroughly vetted and tested a client’s account, we report our findings and offer to fix any implementation issue that does not comply with best practices. To keep your business on the right path, we’ll implement advanced custom reporting dashboards and advise your team on evolving data collection strategies.


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