We appeal to relevant audiences while they’re using their favorite mobile apps.

The average smartphone user has over 40 mobile apps on their device, and US consumers now spend more than 60% of their digital media consumption time on mobile applications. With programmatic in-app advertising, brands can place display or banner ads in popular apps that reach a wide audience.

In-app ads are a terrific fit for digital health brands because users are actively engaged with the software while using them, and brands have the opportunity to target specific applications that may be most relevant to their target audience. For accurate in-app advertising, ADM targets users based on device ID rather than the third party cookies of traditional web browser ads. By combining device ID targeting with location targeting, we can focus messaging on the granular audiences your brand wants to reach. And with app placements and exclusions, you decide where your ads do and don’t show.





    Increase in client valuations since partnering with ADM




    Raised by ADM clients during partnership


    Consecutive quarters of growth

Our Approach

  • Deploy rigorous data partner testing to create an evergreen approach based on the most reliable audience segments
  • Lock in high-tier placements through private auctions to receive first priority and greater control of in-app ad placements 
  • Extend new user ad visibility by bidding within the open exchange while capping CPMs and capitalizing on wide breadth of inventory
  • Curate a custom list of apps that meet consumer profiles based on audience members most-likely to convert 


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