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Complacency doesn’t have a home in our agency. ADM’s social team stays ahead of the latest changes in paid social marketing to make sure our clients never lose their competitive edge.

With our intricate knowledge of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, ADM crafts bespoke strategies that resonate with your target audience to drive engagement and grow revenue.


Results-Driven Paid Social Media Agency

ADM: Paid Social Media Agency

“ADM has done a great job of learning our business and figuring out how to take advantage of first-mover opportunities like Advantage+ while working within our brand principles.”

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Social Media Platforms We Service:

Our wealth of knowledge informs our approach to Facebook and Instagram advertising, the most potent marketing tool in social.

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We use this social upstart’s dynamic and disruptive format to reach prospective customers with authentic, memorable TikTok ads.

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LinkedIn’s professional flair, unique ad formats, and targeting capabilities make it ideal for some businesses—particularly B2B brands.

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We love Pinterest advertising: it combines a visual discovery platform with favorable ad prices, making it an underrated advertising gem for eCommerce brands.

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The platform formerly known as Twitter still has Twitter’s reach and highly-engaged audiences.

ADM also offers services for additional social platforms, including:

  • Yelp
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Tumblr

What Makes ADM an Expert Paid Social Agency?

Custom-Built Paid Social Services

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for paid social. We work closely with our client partners to understand their positioning, audiences, and goals to help determine what platforms and creative styles will produce the best results. With data-driven, goal-oriented strategies, ADM builds social media strategies that are more engaging, more efficient, and more effective.

Custom-built Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Facebook Ads Expertise

Meta Ads—which includes Facebook and Instagram—stands as the most powerful platform for paid social advertising. ADM has built deep knowledge and expertise in navigating this complex but rewarding advertising suite, and our team knows exactly which levers to pull to turn Meta into a highly-effective conversion driver for your business. 

Social Media Content that Drives Decisions

On social, creative is king—and as targeting increasingly shifts from a manual to AI-driven process, it’s important to let your creative find your audience. Your social strategy can go beyond just brand awareness. We combine social media content creation with an extensive A/B testing regimen to help you find the creative voice that will elevate your brand and drive conversions and revenue.  


Omnipresent Paid Social Coverage

Every brand is different, and so is every social platform: They all have their own distinct audiences, content styles, and advertising options. For most brands, omnipresence is the correct mission. ADM builds combined social strategies that complement and attribute success across platforms to ensure you’re reaching your potential customers no matter what social media channels they prefer. 

Social media omnipresence
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ADM partners with leading digital marketing tools and services to add further value for our clients.

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Other Services

ADM is an expert SEM agency with a proven track record of helping growing companies scale their business through paid search.

Programmatic Advertising

Our programmatic team expertly places banners, native content, streaming video, podcast advertising and more to weave your message into the content your customers already enjoy.


Performance marketing is fueled by accurate data. Learn how ADM ensures that you have the strong insights you need to make the right marketing decisions.

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