Digital Marketing for Healthcare Demands Industry Expertise.

Healthcare isn’t like other industries. ADM navigates the nuances of health advertising laws and policies to deliver superior patient acquisition.



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We build compelling, compliant strategies for leading healthcare and digital health brands.

What Makes Us Health Advertising Experts?  

Industry Operations

Healthcare is no regular industry. From state certifications to payment models, our expertise helps us build custom strategies specific to the many challenges posed by this complicated marketing landscape.

Patient Journey

Patients are more than just customers. To build our messaging and marketing funnel, we study the nuanced journey that patients take from when they begin researching conditions to when they decide to seek care.

Patient Acquisition

Reaching prospective patients is one thing: converting them is another. From cross-channel targeting to custom messaging and landing page alignment, we know what it takes to bring new patients into the fold.

Policies & Regulations

ADM is knowledgeable on all federal, state, and platform policies related to health marketing. Everything we do on our clients’ behalf is grounded by our commitment to patient privacy and compliance.

What Our Healthcare Clients Say About Us:

“The relationship with ADM is different from the ones I have had in the past. It feels like more of a partnership than traditional agency relationships.”

Nico Bryant-Aguilar, Head of Growth

Nico Bryant-Aguilar | Director of Growth Marketing at Nurx

“Patient acquisition for clinical trials is an extremely difficult problem, and we’re lucky to partner with ADM to solve it.”

Karthik Vinayagamoorthi, Head of Growth

“ADM has a thoughtful approach to account structure. Their reporting is top-notch and showcases our successes.”

Neil Davis, Head of Growth

Neil Davis | Head of Growth at Minded

“They always scale their efforts to meet diverse needs. I’ve recommended them to dozens of colleagues, and they always thank me later. ADM is my secret weapon.

Katelyn Watson, CMO

Marketing Strategies Tailored to Healthcare and Digital Health

SEM Expertise

Founded by ex-Google employees, SEM is in ADM’s blood. We meticulously build and segment keywords based on our unique understanding of the patient journey, from research to care selection. We stay ahead by quickly mastering the latest new tools and platform updates to keep our clients both cutting edge and compliant.

Social Media Mastery

ADM’s in-depth understanding of platform policies governing healthcare, health services, digital health, and pharmaceutical advertising ensures compliant and impactful campaigns. With knowledge of how users engage with each different social platform, we craft messaging strategies that seamlessly align with the patient acquisition funnel.

Programmatic Prowess

ADM harnesses a diverse range of multimedia formats to captivate prospective patients in unique and meaningful ways. Reach high-intent researchers through contextual display. Deploy targeted podcast and connected TV ads to anonymized, predictive health audiences across the most popular streaming platforms.

Data-Driven Excellence

ADM offers analytics and reporting services customized to the nuances of healthcare and digital health. With comprehensive HIPAA audits and advanced GA4 implementation, we enable you to maintain a healthy and effective digital presence while adhering to the highest data security standards.

Creative Ingenuity

Elevate your healthcare marketing campaigns with ADM’s creative network. We can inform and curate all necessary creative for your digital campaigns, including static images, video ads, and user-generated content designed to foster better engagement and grow brand trust. 

Verticals Serviced

Digital Health




Online Pharmacies

Hospitals and Health Systems

Addiction Treatment

Medical Devices

Healthcare B2B

Urgent Care

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Patient Acquisition


Primary Care


Work + Results

Case Study
Case Study


New keyword and Google Shopping strategies helped this telehealth brand grow monthly patient requests by 70%.


NURX has seen 222% year-over-year growth in SEM conversions for patients paying with insurance


TalkSpace saw a 25% improvement in customer acquisition cost within one month of ADM taking over podcast ads management.

Case Study
Woman working on a laptop
Case Study


ADM helped PicnicHealth deliver its best month ever, recruiting 1,444 new patients for real-world observational studies.

Case Study
Case Study

Pharmaceutical Company

We took a different approach to audience creation for clinical trial recruitment—and produced a 62% increase in qualified leads with a 69% decrease in cost-per-result.


After a Google account restructure, NOCD’s offline conversions from SEM increased 123% month-over-month.

Always Ahead of the Curve

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