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ADM builds custom omnichannel performance marketing strategies to help eCommerce brands achieve their growth goals.




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We drive growth for innovative eCommerce brands across industries.

“ADM has played a pivotal role in maximizing Caraway’s return on digital media investments. Their team are thoughtful, responsive experts at their craft.”

Jordan Nathan, Founder & CEO

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“We have been impressed with their reporting capabilities, testing acumen and brand understanding. We are excited for good things to come as we grow our partnership.”

Clare Berner-Nash, VP of eCommerce

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“Working with ADM has been a game changer. They are truly a part of my team now. They are the only ones I trust to grow my company and it’s always reassuring when your agency has the same goals as you!”

Taylor Straley, Director of User Acquisition

“ADM has done a great job of learning our business and taking advantage of first-mover opportunities like Advantage+ while working within our brand principles.”

Eric Schneider, Director of Marketing Performance

What Makes Us eCommerce Advertising Experts?  

Budget & Channel Optimization

We analyze the sales cycles and seasonality of your products and optimize your account to capitalize when demand is highest—and deliver the greatest possible returns weekly, monthly and annually.

Product Feed Specialists

Structure and scaleability matter. Our knowledge of product feed optimization allows us to structure your account for item-level targeting—and we pair that with a deft ability to avoid item disapprovals.

The Latest eCommerce Tools

We begin testing eCommerce applications for all new platform features the moment they are released. Our rapid mastery of the latest machine-learning driven ad tech gives our clients a head start on their competition.

Reporting & Insights

We design our custom reports to uncover granular insights about product and product category performance, which we use to continually improve your account and drive greater return on ad spend.

Attacking Your eCommerce Goals From All Angles

SEM Spells ROI

Our meticulous dedication to SEM structure and maintenance set us apart. We offer comprehensive shopping and search coverage that maximizes ROI for critical product categories while driving investments during peak sales days.

Turning Social to Sales

Our dynamic strategy combines historical learnings with the latest developments in the quickly shifting social landscape. We build a custom strategy based on the platforms and mediums that will best help you surpass your company’s eCommerce goals.

Powerful Programmatic

ADM’s holistic approach to media advertising maximizes your budget across Connected TV, Display, and Streaming Audio. Our Programmatic team works collaborate closely with SEM and Social to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience for your customers.

Data-Driven Excellence

We focus on full purchase and funnel flow tracking to measure success, identify customer behaviors, and make the right decisions about attribution and budget allocation. Our Data and Analytics team’s proactive approach allows us to quickly spot areas for improvement and implement data-driven strategies to continually enhance campaign performance.

Creative That Sells

Quality creative drives results. ADM develops and deploys creative media based on a deep understanding of the styles that work best across each different platform. Our creative empowers you to tell stories about your brand and products in ways that will truly speak to your customers.

Verticals Serviced

Apparel and Fashion

Outdoor Apparel



Children and Baby

Pet Products

Home Goods




Subscription Services

Professional Services

Work + Results

Case Study
Case Study


By finding deeper ways to analyze Google’s new Performance Max campaigns, ADM helped johnnie-O increase ROAS by 64% year-over-year.


After ADM launched a new video ad campaign, Fable Home’s account-wide conversions increased 142%.


When ADM introduced American Hat Makers to deploying user-generated content, their Facebook ROAS increased by 28%.

Case Study
Case Study


When we helped Caraway transition from Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max, their revenue grew by 46%—and Google cited this work in its quarterly earnings call.

Case Study
Case Study


By implementing AI insights into Popl’s programmatic display targeting, ADM delivered an 81% increase in Revenue and a 133% increase in ROAS.


When ADM phased Advantage+ DPA campaigns into Tracksmith’s social strategy, they achieved a ROAS 246% higher than prior account average.

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