We generate new app downloads by advertising across the vast Google ecosystem.

For many brands, a proprietary app can be a powerful engagement tool—and for many digital health brands, the app is the business. App downloads and engagements open the door to long-standing customer relationships, however inspiring customers to trust your app can be a challenge. . With Google’s App campaigns, you can promote your app across all Google properties and optimize performance to users who engage with the most impactful in-app actions.

ADM understands that app campaigns require unique management approaches to ensure success, and that driving downloads is only the beginning. We specialize in developing creative testing and bidding strategies to tailor campaigns that complement our clients’ engagement goals and forge long-term customer relationships.





    Increase in client valuations since partnering with ADM




    Raised by ADM clients during partnership


    Consecutive quarters of growth

Our Approach

  • Combine full-funnel event tagging with event optimization testing across the funnel
  • Emphasize strict creative testing standards and rigorous refresh cycles
  • Build comprehensive app strategy spanning brand goals including installs, events and engagement
  • Expand reach of high-intent ad delivery through our proven testing methodology 


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