Harness a new multi-channel campaign strategy that emphasizes efficient lead generation.

Google’s Discovery campaigns are a new and scalable way to expand your reach across multiple channels. Discovery campaigns combine intent-based targeting with a wide array of creative assets to deliver personalized ads to audiences who are ready to engage with your brand.  

As a Google Premier Partner, ADM has the privilege of testing many new Google Ads functions while they are still in the beta phase. We’ve been among the first to refine and roll out a Discovery campaign strategy to our clients.  Our team’s advance access enables us to deploy this powerful multi-channel campaign strategy in ways that bring our clients new customers with a strict focus on maximizing return on investment.





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    increase in valuations




    in VC/PE funding

Our Approach

Due to the vast reach of Discovery campaigns, our approach begins by defining the highest value audiences and extrapolating upon them with audience tools such as custom-intent. From there, we segment audiences based on their varying interests and intent to purchase, aligning the appropriate creative and messaging with each audience. Next we compile all creative to allow for the Discovery campaign’s machine learning to build creative assets across all devices in multiple ad formats.


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