Streaming Audio

Acquire new customers by advertising on the most popular streaming music and podcast outlets.

The radio ad is back–it just isn’t on radio anymore. Streaming is now the primary mode for music listening, and podcasts have exploded into a major cultural force. Just as connected TV advertising has modernized the television ad format, streaming audio ads allow you to deliver potent messages while targeting valuable demographics instead of individual radio programs or time slots. 

With streaming audio ads, ADM clients can engage loyal listeners across their connected devices. We target ads by demographics, user behavior, and music or podcast preferences. And because listeners often trust their favorite content creators, placing your ads during quality podcasts is a great way to build brand credibility.





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Our Approach

ADM looks for the best opportunities to deliver targeted ads that will grow our clients’ revenue. We negotiate deals through music streaming platforms like Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, and iHeart, as well as major podcast publishers like Stitcher, Audiochuck, Barstool Sports, and Kast Media to ensure we’re reaching your customers while they consume media they trust.


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