21 Tips to Improve Conversion Rate

Interactivity continues to be one of the hottest emerging content trends across digital health marketing — for a great reason. When your audience connects and takes part in your various site content, this drives more engagement and facilitates compliant collection of patients’ sensitive data. 

If you currently have an interactive health quiz, questionnaire, or assessment on your site, it is likely one of the top-converting experiences. And because it offers such critical data collection and purchase opportunities, it should also be considered a priority for your ongoing CRO investment. Increasing conversions through your interactive content increases revenue. 

This eBook shares 21 proven techniques to increase the conversion rates of your interactive content. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why the leading D2C health brands use quizzes on their homepage
  • How many questions you should ask in your assessment
  • How to prioritize your A/B CRO tests
  • And more