ADM and Nurx Recognized For Strategic Response Following Roe Reversal

Earlier this week, Accelerated Digital Media and our client partner Nurx were honored with an eHealthcare Leadership Award for Best Search Engine Marketing campaign. The winning submission focused on the intersection of digital marketing, healthcare, and real-world politics that impact millions of peoples’ lives. 

In marketing, it’s vital to respond quickly to outside events that can alter your clients’ business landscapes. Nurx, a leading women’s telehealth and telemedicine provider and one of ADM’s longest-standing clients, faced one of these moments in May of 2022. A leaked Supreme Court draft opinion indicated the impending overturn of Roe v. Wade, calling into question womens’ future control of their reproductive health.

The ensuing anxiety about the future legality of abortion created surging demand for birth control and emergency contraceptives. As a patient-focused company that specializes in providing these (and other) sexual health treatments and services, Nurx was uniquely positioned to meet that demand—if it could cut through all the noise and reach patients while their intent was high. 

To do that, ADM and Nurx worked together closely to put the following strategy in place. 

Using Paid Search to Capture Surging Demand

To help Nurx connect with individuals seeking pregnancy prevention methods, ADM launched two new search campaigns—one targeting phrase keywords and the other exact match keywords. The campaigns had an ambitious target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and each included multiple ad groups were built around the following keyword themes: 

  • General pregnancy prevention terms (ex: “avoid getting pregnant,” “method to prevent pregnancy,” “how to not get pregnant,” “best ways to prevent pregnancy,” etc.) 
  • Birth control-related terms (“does birth control prevent pregnancy,” “birth control pills to prevent pregnancy,” etc.)
  • Pill-related terms (“pills to prevent pregnancy,” “what pills can be taken to avoid pregnancy,” “name of pills to prevent pregnancy,” etc.)
  • After-sex related terms (“how to prevent pregnancy after sex,” “what to do after sex to prevent pregnancy,” “pills to avoid pregnancy after 72 hours,” etc.)

Nurx and other health brands are restricted from making efficacy claims in their Google Ads copy, so the text focused on birth control headlines and value propositions such as “Get Birth Control Online,” “No In-Person Doctor Visit,” “Safe, Effective & Convenient,” “With Or Without Insurance,” and “Contraception Shipped For Free.” 

Additionally, a callout extension highlighting free emergency contraception with new birth control orders was pinned in the second headline position of Nurx’s responsive search ads.

The campaigns were launched on 5/10/2022, just over one week after the Supreme Court decision leaked. Negative keywords were strategically included based on ADM’s keyword research to avoid queries related to things like pregnancy complications and substances to avoid during pregnancy. Thorough keyword maintenance and negation were performed to continually improve CPA.

Using SEM to Bring Value to Patients

Because paid search is such a high-intent channel, it is the perfect medium for connecting patients with necessary care options, particularly in periods of soaring demand. 

After two months of running our campaigns, they generated significant new customer conversion totals at a CPA 24% lower than their campaign goal. The campaign’s CPA was also 16% lower than other top-performing non-branded birth control campaigns in the account, as well as Nurx’s other mid-to upper-funnel non-brand birth control search campaigns over the same time period.

With ADM’s help, Nurx stepped up to provide women an avenue to take back control of their own health. ADM and Nurx were able to provide women access to birth control and emergency contraception online, and to do so in a cost-efficient manner. 

For this work, ADM and Nurx were presented a Best Search Engine Marketing Campaign eHealthcare Leadership Award at the 2023 Healthcare Internet Conference in Los Angeles. ADM is honored to receive this award, and proud to help facilitate connections between patients in need and mission-driven client partners like Nurx. 

The full list of winners can be viewed here. To learn more about Accelerated Digital Media’s commitment to excellence in healthcare performance marketing, please visit our healthcare expertise page or reach out to the team today.