ADM and Caraway Earn Shoutout on Google Earnings Call

For both clients and agencies, good results draw the right attention. That’s why we were excited to hear one of our clients—and the work we did alongside them—mentioned during Google’s most recent quarterly earnings call.

To highlight the effectiveness of Google’s Performance Max campaigns, Google Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler used an impressive case study documenting ADM’s work with Caraway during the 2022 holiday season.  

Caraway, a fast-growing cookware brand, faced numerous challenges. They were navigating a difficult pandemic economy while trying to launch new products and meet inventory shortages. In response, we devised a comprehensive strategy to transition multiple different Google Ads campaigns into Performance Max campaigns

Performance Max was set to replace the previous Smart Shopping campaigns, which many eCommerce brands had come to rely on. As a Google Premier Partner, ADM had early access to beta versions of Performance Max. We knew with the right setup this tool could help Caraway meet their aggressive performance goals, so we optimized all of the campaign assets and started the transition manually rather than waiting for Smart Shopping to sunset. 

Swapping out major Google Ads campaigns during the busiest sales quarter of the year required deft planning, but the move paid off. As Schindler noted during Google’s earnings call, Performance Max drove a 46% increase in revenue and 31% jump in ROAS, and even led to Caraway’s best business day in history.

“It’s a privilege to help our clients exceed their goals,” ADM CEO and Founder Tellef Lundevall said. “But it speaks to the ingenuity of our team when Google then references that success as a way to highlight its new product offerings.”

Check out the full case study here