eBook: The Risks of Non-Compliant Healthcare Marketing

For healthcare companies to bring their essential services to patients in need, they have to engage in marketing. But due to the highly-regulated nature of the healthcare industry, it can be hard for companies to determine what health marketing activities are permissible. As marketing itself has shifted from population targeting to personalized advertising, it becomes even more complicated.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was enacted nearly three decades ago—long before the advent of digital marketing and the digital health revolution. The industry is currently policed by a patchwork of bills, amendments, and agencies that can be confusing and intimidating for many health marketers to navigate.

In this eBook, we will delve into the risks of non-compliant healthcare marketing and explore strategies to effectively mitigate them. We will discuss how healthcare organizations can strike a balance between leveraging the benefits of digital marketing while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. By understanding the potential risks and implementing appropriate safeguards, healthcare organizations can harness the power of digital marketing to enhance patient engagement, improve brand visibility, and drive positive health outcomes.

The full eBook from ADM and Freshpaint can be downloaded below: