Tips for Building Better eCommerce Campaigns with TikTok, Pinterest, and X

While Facebook and Instagram remain powerhouses for social commerce, savvy e-commerce brands understand the importance of diversifying their online presence. The right social media platform can be a game-changer, driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately, sales. But with so many options available, where should you focus your efforts?

This blog explores top social media platforms beyond Facebook and Instagram (Meta) that can be lucrative investments for e-commerce businesses in 2024, helping you reach new audiences and achieve your marketing goals.

Which social media platforms are the best investment for eCommerce brands?

TikTok: This rapidly growing platform is ideal for short, engaging videos that showcase your content/products in a fun and trendy way. eCommerce brands, for example, can leverage TikTok to demonstrate product use or creation through engaging content that resonates with demographics more inclined to engage with a vertical video format.

Pinterest:  Pinterest boasts a reputation for product discovery, particularly for homeware, fashion, and lifestyle products. High conversion rates for online purchases make it a compelling platform for eCommerce businesses. With its focus on visually appealing content, Pinterest allows you to showcase your products in a way that entices users to click and buy.

X (Twitter): X offers unique targeting options to expand your reach. Build brand awareness by driving higher brand recall and getting the word out about your business. Nurture customer consideration to grow your following and create a loyal audience on X. Drive conversions and sales by promoting your products and services to X’s engaged and influential audience.

Which platforms are the best at driving sales?

TikTok: GenZ has gravitated towards this platform, but it has seen usage rise amongst millennials (25-34 at 54%) and even older demographics (35-54). This makes TikTok a serious platform consideration for brands with audiences who typically range older than 25. A recent TikTok study found that 2 out of 3 users are likely to buy something while on the platform. With TikTok having one of the highest engagement rates of all social apps, if you dedicate your time to building trust and providing value, you’ll attract engagement and an audience eager to see what your brand is posting. 

  • TikTok Tips:
    • Partner with influencers to showcase product use in a fun and trendy way. 
    • Create user-generated content challenges that encourage product interaction—leverage trending sounds and hashtags to increase discoverability.

Pinterest: This is a platform that appeals to a highly targeted audience actively looking for products, with a strong focus on visuals, and high conversion rates. In essence, it is a lifestyle catalog where many users find inspiration and products to buy across various industries.  

  • Pinterest Tips:
    • Create high-quality product pins with clear descriptions and calls to action. 
    • Utilize rich pins for dynamic product information. 
    • Run targeted ad campaigns to reach users searching for similar products.

Which platforms are the best at driving awareness?

While CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is just one metric among many used to measure the cost of high-impact marketing performance, it’s a bellwether for both investors and advertisers to understand the relative values and costs associated with a platform. In 2024, the average annual CPM rates show that many of these platforms can be more affordable than Meta.

TikTok: The main benefit of TikTok is capturing attention with short, engaging videos with viral potential. It reaches a massive and highly active younger demographic.

X (Twitter): Insert your brand into a real-time platform that fosters conversation, and allows for quick updates and keeps you up to date with the latest trends. It is ideal for building community, connections, and thought leadership.

  • X Tips:
    • Participate in trending conversations and hashtags related to your industry.
    • Target events up to 2-weeks before to reach excited attendees, and up to 3-weeks after to reinforce buzz. 
    • Run contests and giveaways to generate excitement and encourage participation. 
    • Share valuable insights and information you’re not sharing on any other channel. 

Pinterest: Users actively search for inspiration and new ideas, fostering brand discovery. It is a highly visual platform perfect for showcasing products and services in an aspirational way.

YouTube: Youtube has powerful storytelling capabilities with long-form content. It is an excellent platform for creating in-depth brand stories and building brand identity.

  • Youtube Tips:
    • Develop an engaging video series that showcases your brand values and mission. 
    • Partner with YouTubers for product reviews or sponsored content to leverage their established viewership. 
    • Create explainer videos or tutorials related to your industry to establish brand expertise.

It is important to remember that content is king. High-quality and engaging content is crucial for grabbing attention and sparking curiosity about your brand. Consistency is also key. Maintaining a consistent presence across platforms to build brand recognition is paramount to social success. Don’t forget to track and analyze. Monitor your efforts to see what resonates with your audience and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Not every brand is the same

Selling creative or project management software is not the same as selling jewelry. Everyone has a need, but not every platform is for every brand. Knowing your product is just as important as knowing your audience and when and where to find them. This is where digging into the psychographics of your audience is very important.

The benefits of omnipresence

The most successful social media strategies go beyond just Facebook and Instagram (Meta). Your social channel strategy should be omnipresent, reducing the danger of your brand being overly reliant on any one specific social platform. By strategically incorporating these additional platforms such as TikTok into your mix, you can target new demographics, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Remember – quality over quantity is key. Focus on mastering a few platforms that resonate most with your ideal audience and tailor your content accordingly. Every platform is unique and requires expertise to find success.

Should advertisers be nervous about TikTok?

One of the most popular social media platforms potentially being banned is no joke. However, that shouldn’t discourage brands from using it while it’s available and extremely popular among U.S. users.  The amount of reach and influence TikTok has within the social space is nothing short of fascinating. As a brand, you don’t want to regret not being a part of this enormous social media marketing opportunity. 

This type of scenario is exactly why it is important to be omnipresent on paid social. If too much of your business is reliant on TikTok advertising, and the platform is banned, this turns into a disastrous situation. However, if your ad strategy is diversified, you can quickly pivot and continue to invest your dollars in other successful channels.

The importance of a cohesive paid social approach

Advertising on social media platforms outside of Meta can significantly augment and complement your efforts on the Meta platform in several ways. 

  • Reaching new audiences: Expanding to platforms like Pinterest, TikTok, X (Twitter), or YouTube allows you to tap into different demographics and interests, capturing a wider audience. 
  • Omni-Channel Branding: By having a presence on multiple platforms, you reinforce your brand message and increase brand awareness. Potential users may encounter your brand on multiple platforms, solidifying their recognition and trust. 
  • Brand Storytelling: Utilize different platforms’ strengths to tell a richer brand story. Longer-form content on YouTube can delve into your brand’s values and mission, while shorter, engaging snippets on TikTok can showcase product benefits in a fun way. 

In short, by diversifying your advertising efforts, you gain valuable insights into user behavior across different channels. This data can help you optimize your entire social media advertising strategy, including your Meta Ads campaigns, leading to better overall results.

Navigating the vast social media landscape to find the perfect platform fit for your brand can be complex. Accelerated Digital Media is here to guide you through this journey. With expertise in identifying the right channels that align with your brand’s goals and audience, we’re ready to help you make informed decisions and craft effective strategies. Reach out to us, and let’s unlock the full potential of your brand in the digital space together.