Google Analytics

The advantage of of digital media is derived from the collection and analysis of data. Prior to working for ADM, our Google Analytics team worked for Google—you’d be hard pressed to find a partner better suited to handle your Analytics needs.

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Diagnosing the issue is step one. We work with our clients to learn about their pain points with GA before we dive into our audit. The goal of the audit is to validate the integrity of a website’s GA data and identify the source of, and solution to, any misinformation.


To know that something is wrong is different from knowing how to fix it. All of our audits are followed with fully comprehensive implementation recommendations for our clients’ dev team. In the event that our clients don’t have the support/expertise needed to make the changes, our GA team is happy to execute these recommendations.

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Get The Most From Google Analytics

Our team doesn’t simply find what’s wrong and propose a fix. We enhance our clients’ ability to leverage data. See the following list for our most frequently requested GA implementations:

  • Customer Lifetime Value tracking

  • Dashboard / Customer Report Creation

  • Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

  • Event Tracking

  • Dynamic Remarketing