How Some Digital Health Brands Are Winning At Social Advertising

Direct-to-consumer digital health brands must clear a high bar when advertising their products or services on Facebook and Instagram. Given the sensitive and personal nature of healthcare, these ads are subject to additional regulation and scrutiny from Meta.

Despite the added challenge, it’s quite possible to run engaging, compliant health advertising on Facebook and Instagram while taking full advantage of their robust targeting and huge audiences. With this guide, ADM shows you how. We lay out the regulations that D2C health brands must consider while providing annotated examples of how leading brands like Nurx and Aura craft great social ads that deliver an effective message without violating platform policies.

You’ll learn:

  • Language and imagery restrictions relevant to D2C health advertisers
  • Targeting restrictions that impact D2C health advertisers
  • How to write compliant ad copy
  • How to utilize UGC-style creative